Accounts for Lime scooters are for sale on the darknet

One of the darknet users sells accounts for Lime scooters on trading platforms. According to him, these accounts allow you to use the company’s service for free. Securitylab writes about this.

The accounts offered for sale are verified and valid.

After the purchase, they are automatically deleted from the seller’s database, as indicated in the annotation. The cost of one account is 13 euros.

Lime company provides users with the opportunity to rent scooters in major cities using a special application, according to Motherboard. Having gained access to one of these accounts, the user will not need to pay the company for using the vehicle.

“Although this is not caused by any vulnerability in the Lime app, such illegal and unacceptable behavior is contrary to company policy. We remind you that the exchange of credentials violates the user agreement and may expose you to the risk of cyber attacks,” a Lime representative said.

In the future, Lime plans to transfer iPhone owners to Apple ID authorization, and will also prohibit the use of credentials included in the lists of leaks of the popular HaveIBeenPwned service.