In terms of turnover, the site was considered a leader

Igor Bederov, an expert in the field of information security, director of the Internet Search Center, noted in a conversation with RT that the German police became interested in the darknet platform back in March 2020 after the site owners announced the creation of a platform aimed at Western European countries – Eternos.

“In September 2020, the marketplace refused to launch Eternos, which was already ready by that time. They were scared because at the end of the summer of 2020, the European police very quickly closed seven or eight similar sites at once,” he explains.

Thus, the resource got into the development of the German police.

In addition, according to Bederov, the largest site was still present on the European market.

“According to the European police, the site was considered the leader in terms of turnover. It had the potential to “roll out” across Europe very much. It scared them and really bothered them. In the near future, I believe, arrests are also waiting for us,” he explained.