You can now write to intelligence about threats to the security of the Russian Federation anonymously through a website on the darknet

Information about threats to Russia’s security can now be transmitted to the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation via a website on the darknet.

SVR website in the domain zone .onion is the first virtual reception of its kind in Europe.

SVR posted a notice on its website about the opening of a virtual reception on December 30, 2020, but did not publicly announce it. According to the notification, if the user is located outside of Russia and has important information about threats to the security of the Russian Federation, he can transmit it to the SVR in a safe and anonymous way through a virtual reception.

In order to contact the SVR through a virtual reception, you need to use the Tor browser or the Tails OS, write in Securitylab. After registering, the user will receive a code of five English words that allows you to decipher the service’s response, if there is one.

Informants are also advised to encrypt their access to the SVR using PGP, since the owners of the Tor nodes through which their traffic passes can theoretically deanonymize them.