The darknet offers access to hundreds of Citrix installations

Citrix has put up for sale access to more than 900 Citrix Systems installations. The seller offers access to a cooperative bank in the United States, as well as various government, telecommunications and IT companies from around the world.

Last month, another hacker posted an ad on one of the underground forums on the darknet about the sale of a database allegedly owned by Citrix Systems. According to the seller, he gained access to more than 2 million records of the company’s customers. The price of the database called citrix_leads_vivo was 2.15 bitcoins (about $20 thousand).

Securitylab writes about this.

Citrix Systems is an American company engaged in the development of software solutions for virtualization, the construction of computer networks, the organization of cloud computing, including the development of an open source Xen hypervisor. More than 230 thousand organizations around the world use Citrix solutions.